Art Statement




Artist Statement

Webson Ji

May 18th, 2018

Born and raised in China, I grew up in a certain Asian environment that whatever we do, we do without the racial differences. That contributed to a circumstance that I saw myself as an individual playing my role in the society, trying to keep my own business. I made several art works during this period, talking about the potential of individuals that have the capabilities to do more than others think they can. Several sculptures were made then, such as <All You Need Is an Opener> <Gravity Knows> <Rolling>. That was the only argue I made against the prejudice upon individuals about age, sexuality, class or whatever. However, things changed when I started my career in the USA, getting to know a different country, a different community and a different cultural system. I got amazed by the way how people express themselves, show their concerns to what they value, give love to what they cherish. There was one word that I learned- diversity. 

The diversity in USA shows the respect Americans share to each other. Different ideas and minds are appreciated here, with the collective understanding that human beings can only live a better way with hands-holding and corporation between one another. I am truly glad to get the opportunity to have conversation with people from different areas of the world. They showed me other perspective of the world instead of the stereotype I used to have. I then realized that there is so much issues people are dealing with that I can take part in to offer my help. Right now, I am working on the topic of equal rights. Aware that there is still so much going on with Human Rights, Civil Rights, LGBT group, Women’s Rights and so on, I would like to have a voice for my generation as a young power of our society.

With the background as a swimmer, the conversation between water and me has been throughout my art works. The characteristic of water that it shows as an outsider to human beings is quite an interesting trigger to me – it comes, it goes away, it watches, it does not care. It is inspiring to find an element that is so organic and matches my topic so well. I developed my expression of art trying to figure out the right way to put up my ideas and all the materials I use altogether.

Having a voice for my generation is what I have been working with right now, and I believe with all the efforts and time I put, the reference I got from the artists I appreciate, things will make a difference.