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E-commerce Infographic Design

E-commerce infographic design involves creating visually appealing graphics that simplify complex information for online shoppers. Infographics can capture attention, enhance brand awareness, and educate customers about products, ultimately leading to increased conversions and sales. They can be shared on various digital platforms, extending the reach of e-commerce businesses.


Amazon listing design, A plus design, storefront design


Rexing USA, Allsett Health


2020 - Present

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Product Studies

Collaborate with the marketing team to get a well understanding of client's brief.  


Comply with the design code and creative strategy to achieve drafts utilizing the Adobe Creative Suite.

Competitors Research

Research and explore work samples and references from searching engines, competitors' websites or from the clients. 


Update and work with project manager for revisions during the progress.

Creative Strategy

Identify client's unique value and propose a sharp branding strategy. Make sure all the highlight bullet points stand out


Export visual components that are ready for printing, publishing, or sharing on digital media. Follow up with marketing team for conversion rate and A\B testing data.

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competitor analysis.png

Main Image

A well-designed main image not only determines the initial impression but also sets the product apart from competitors within the Amazon search engine. By showcasing a visually appealing and compelling main image, it creates a noticeable distinction that helps the product stand out among similar offerings. This differentiation can significantly impact the product's visibility, conversion rate, and ultimately, its success in the competitive Amazon marketplace.


Visual Composition
& Photo retouching

High-quality and visually appealing images have a powerful impact in grabbing customers' attention effortlessly. With additional photo editing, the magic of these images can be further enhanced. I create realistic lifestyle scenes using Adobe Creative Suite to help customers visualize how the product can be utilized in various scenarios. This eye-catching presentation plays a vital role in building customer trust and confidence in the products.

Product Research

To set up a new Amazon listing, I collaborate with the product manager to gain a deeper understanding of the product, target audience, branding strategy, project timeline, and keywords/features. Since different customer segments have distinct perspectives, I consider these insights to inform my design approach. Additionally, I conduct competitor research and analysis to refine my design strategy.

Infographic Visualization

Listing images serve the purpose of conveying product information and generating customer interest. In the short term, the design of these images should be precise and inclusive. Alongside presenting essential details, I emphasize the distinctive features that differentiate the product from competitors, as well as the benefits it offers to the targeted customers.

Example: Rexing Bluetooth Receiver

Work Samples

Case Studies

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