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Website Design

Website design in e-commerce plays a pivotal role in delivering an engaging and user-friendly online shopping experience. It encompasses various elements that contribute to the overall functionality and visual appeal of the website. Intuitive navigation is essential, allowing customers to easily explore product categories, locate desired items, and access important information.


Company website (desktop, mobile)

Amazon Storefront


Rexing USA, Allsett Health,

EMES Commerce Group INC.


2020 - Present

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Webpage Design

Webpage design is crucial for creating visually appealing and user-friendly online experiences. It enhances the visual appeal, improves user experience, and optimizes conversions. Effective design elements and clear messaging guide visitors towards desired actions.

For mobile users

By considering mobile users in the design process, businesses can still create websites that adapt to different screen sizes and offer a user-friendly interface. This helps to cater to the needs of mobile users and ensure a positive online shopping experience.

Amazon storefront

Amazon storefront design provides businesses with the advantage of creating a cohesive and branded shopping experience. It allows for showcasing products in a visually appealing and organized manner, while also offering customization options and the ability to share engaging content. This enhances brand presence, builds customer trust, and drives conversions.

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